ass spread electra Carmen

Carmen electra ass spread

She needs 2 move on. Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga. I love 2 push up when I'm rollin' on the tempo Mic in hand, lookin' grand - understand? Ah speak my mind, never hesitant My time is spent perfectin' what I do, call me anything but militant About face while I preceed with my case Me and my sisters on a rise in the place Yo, hold up baby Uh uh, Carmen electra ass spread don't think so Baby, don't play that - besides, not while I'm on a roll U stepped left so I left your butt standin' Mumblin' on the few words U had left She left me hangin' Hangin's what I'm doin' Girlfriend, give it 2'em Mama Carmen electra ass spread be nice 2 men, they really don't know what they're doin' So I jack 2 the dance floor With an individuality U've never seen Carmen electra ass spread So keep the beat rockin', clockin' The bass is knockin' the walls Carmen is answerin' the calls Just layin' 4 the moment 2 get ignorant Come on C. Oooh Oooh Oooh Oops, see what I mean?

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